Best Mobile Chess Apps

Chess is a very addictive board game that is easy to learn yet difficult to master. Everyone loves to face a challenging game of foresight and tactics, that’s why a lot of people play the game even on their mobile phones.App developers have launched a lot of chess apps with different features that players can enjoy. Some are meant just for fun, while others are meant to train you and help you become a better chess player.Among the many, here are the best mobile chess apps you can download right now on Android or iOS:

  1. Chess Tactics Pro

This app is a bit different from other chess apps. Instead of playing a full chess game, Chess Tactics Pro features tons of chess puzzles that aims to hone your analytical skills. You are given a chess board where the pieces are already positioned and you need to find a way to win against your computer opponent.

chess_xYou can solve daily puzzles online or download an offline puzzle pack. The app will also help you determine your ELO score and generate more chess puzzles based on this. You will never run out of chess puzzles to solve on this app, so you can enjoy unlimited fun while training.

  1. Chess Free

Beginners and expert chess players will love this app as it features full-length chess games against a computer opponent. It has 10 levels of difficulty, ranging from very easy to extremely hard.

You can also play with real players from all over the world. All you need to do is register for a free account within the app. Then, you can immediately start playing against real opponents, watch chess games live, and chat with other chess enthusiasts anytime! If you dislike ads, you can download an ad-free version of this app for only $1.70.

  1. Shredder Chess

This app is home to the most intelligent computer opponent that you can play against. Shredder perfectly mimics a human chess player, who even deliberately makes mistakes. You can adjust his playing strength according to your playing capacity.Shredder also helps you learn by analyzing the game with you. He warns you if the move you are about to make is wrong and also gives you hints if you seem to be stuck.

Shredder keeps track of your progress and calculates your ELO score for you and adjusts his strength to match yours. Without a doubt, Shredder is one of the best virtual chess trainers anyone can have. You will definitely be getting what you paid for.

With all these apps, you can experience the fun and thrill that a chess game can offer anywhere and anytime you like. They will even help you become a better player.

Game developers are continually working to create more engaging chess apps for multiple platforms.  Each app is a new experience filled with tactics and strategy and everyone is excited to see what’s next in the world of mobile chess apps.


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