Most Expensive Gaming Hardware

Gaming setups for the ultimate gaming experience can come at ridiculously high prices for each component from motherboards, to hard drives, graphic cards, processors, etc. You could easily find graphic cards as expensive as $2000 or monitors that cost $1,000 for the price and that would have already cost you $3000 for just two hardware upgrades on your PC. Back in 2013, Yoyotech developed their $13,000 PC with impressive water cooling gear and utilized six cores together with Hyper-Threading to develop the ultimate PC of that year. However, an even insane demo during the Computex trade show in Taiwan showed a $20,000 PC that utilized two fully functional CPU’s, 14 CPU cores, and three different types of liquid cooling systems all packed into one case to harvest all the data and gaming process you need. Impressive and immaculate are the only words to describe this beauty.

While PC’s and laptops such as Alienware offer ridiculously expensive price ranges, the gaming hardware beneath these systems are the reasons for their spectacular performance. Most importantly, the monitors, graphic cards, and processors are essential components into crafting outstanding picture qualities and displays including response times, refresh rates, video memory and so forth. In this article we focus on three most expensive gaming hardwares to leave you jaw dropping.

GTX Titan Z Graphics Card

It’s a beast by definition and the fastest that GeForce has ever created. With 12 GB of memory, dual GPU, and 7.0 Gbps memory speed, the GTX Titan Z drives power to a whole new level allowing you to couple it with incredible monitor displays and 4K hyper PC machines. It’s no wonder that this monster is priced at an insane $3,000 price for a sole graphics card. It shocked me at first but the specs of this monster are simply incredible.

Intel Core i7-6950X

A simple breakdown for this chip would have to be $1,763 and that’s just about as good as it gets. Apart from its 10 cores and 25 MB L3 Cache, you could compare this to its similar “brother”: Intel Core i7-5960X and expect to see the only difference between the two is that the i7-6950X has two extra CPU cores and an additional 5 MB L3 cache. With a price substantially high, it’s definitely a go-getter if you have the means of purchasing one.

Dell Ultrasharp 27 inch 5K Monitor

The greatest part to the Dell Ultrasharp monitor is the megapixel experience that completely stands out even compared to the 4K monitors. Majority of its other features concern the physical dimensions such as its curved design, USB ports, and so forth. In addition, you’ll need a rough number of 3 GPU’s to really experience the gaming to a whole new level. While an increased number of pixels may be controversial for some, it also depends on how much of the screen you really want to see. Did I fail to mention the price for the Dell Ultrasharp is $1,743?

Combining the three gaming hardware components alone with a considerable number of great items would yield a perfect gaming setup. And that’s also because of the substantial price you pay for each hardware component. However, although the three items listed above may come as the most expensive gaming hardware in their respective category, they’re also beauties of their own standard as well. Ranking as the most expensive gaming hardware is a class not easily outmatched not just in price but also in quality.

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The Best Gaming Monitor

Playing video games have become one of the most popular past times in the turn of the century. With the advancement of modern technology, gadgets, consoles, games, and the like have improved tremendously. With the increase of popularity, more and more products are put out in the market to satisfy the needs of the increasing number of customers worldwide. Because of that, companies have been putting out products that constantly exceed expectations.

Playing video games require a very important product, the gaming monitor. Without it, there won’t be a game to play because there will be no screen to display the graphics of the game. As such, gaming monitors have been a staple of the gaming industry. However, does that mean any monitor will do since all it does is act as the display screen? It is actually a lot more complicated than that.

A gaming monitor only becomes a worthy purchase when it has all the necessary features. These features include the display size of the monitor, the resolution that it comes with to show excellent graphics, HDMI and DVI inputs for other gadgets to connect to, and the quick response time for the transition of one image to another, creating the best gaming experience.

With all of these features considered, there are quite a number of gaming monitors that have these features and more.

Here are Some of the Best Monitors for Gaming on the Market

BenQ XL270Z

BenQ has been constantly putting out quality products and their new model does not disappoint. Starting at five-hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($599), it might be a little expensive for some. However, with the features it has, it would probably be worth more. The display screen size is 27 inches and the backlight is LED, giving the monitor the best possible viewing feature. It has a variety of inputs which include HDMI, VGA, and DVI-2 display ports. These allow other gadgets, such as a smartphone, to be connected to the monitor as well. It boasts a 1ms response time and 3D vision for the customer’s viewing pleasure. With this kind of product, playing video games will never be the same again.

BenQ RL2455HM

For those who can’t quite afford gaming monitors that are around the price tag of the product above, then here is one that will be more than enough. Despite its low price, it still has excellent features needed to be considered a great gaming monitor. This product starts off at around one-hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($199), a relatively cheaper price than the one above. The features that this product possesses are the following:

  • Display Screen: 24 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 X 1080
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Inputs/Ports: D-SUB, HDMI, DVI

As listed above, the features are relatively similar to the previous product, but the monitor is just smaller in size and has less resolution. However, it is still considered one of the best because of how cheap it is with all of these features included. Finding the best gaming monitor can be time-consuming. But doing a bit of research is needed to find the best gaming monitor one can purchase.

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Best Gaming Motherboard

When it comes to gaming PCs, the motherboard is an essential part as it houses the CPU, graphics card, processor and other key components. There are many motherboards in the market which cater to the consumer market from the budget-friendly to some expensive ones.

Here are the Best Motherboards for Gaming in 2017

MSI H110M Pro-D

The budget-friendly Skylake gaming motherboard MSI H110M Pro-D suits those who do not want to break the bank for a gaming motherboard. Tagged $60, it also supports Kabylake processors and has a micro ATX board that has a smaller form factor than the standard ATX design. The MSI H110M Proll-D has USB 3.1 and four SATA 6GB/s ports for storage, as well as an EZ Debug LED for easy troubleshooting.

A voltage protection is present so there is no need to worry about overheating the motherboard. This motherboard’s sturdy parts support the most recent MSI Click BIOS 5 and DDR4-2133 memory with a seemingly boring or basic design but many would be drawn by its price.

ASRock Fatal1ty E3V5 Performance Gaming/OC

The ASRock Fatal1ty E3V5 Performance Gaming/OC is among the midrange Skylake gaming motherboards priced under $300, and the most inexpensive among ASRock’s Fatal1ty series. It comes with a network controller Killer 2400, an extra SATA-Express connector, four extra phases of the CPU voltage regulator and an enhanced ALC1150 audio controller with DTS Connect; not to mention the Type-C USB connector on its I/O panel. Such is connected to the chipset’s USB 3.0 controller.

Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming G1

The Z170x-Gaming G1 motherboard from Gigabyte is one of the best high-end gaming motherboards for people who can spend more. This category has motherboards tagged over $300 but with features that warrant their price and the Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming G1 has a performance that does not deserve to be overlooked. It is said to be the most feature rich out of the premium Z170 motherboards.

Gaming motherboards ensure that they offer a top notch audio quality and Gigabyte included on its board a Creative Sound Blaster ZxRi 120dB audio, a sound chip that offers impressive audio normally seen from a separate sound card. Paired with the Creative SBX Pro Studio suite, the user is in for an impressive sound stage. The motherboard also comes with three LAN interfaces – one with the Killer Doubleshot X3 Pro, another with a Killer Ethernet E2400 and one has a wireless antenna or the Killer 1535.

While it is rich with ports, the Gaming G1 board can be overclocked with the App Center. Gigabyte knows the risk of overclocking and includes the Q-Flash Plus feature for flashing a fresh BIOS firmware sans the installation of a RAM or a CPU to prevent the corruption of the BIOS.

Asus ROG Rampage V Edition 10

One of the best X99 gaming motherboards is the Asus ROG Rampage V Edition 10. X99 motherboards support Broadwell-E processors and has lots of features. Since Broadwell-E processors are more expensive than their Skylake and Kabylake counterparts, mainstream consumers usually skip the X99 motherboards, which are the most expensive.

Asus has beautified the 10th anniversary Rampage edition with top notch aesthetics in an amazing Black-colored design with some orange and gray accents. It includes a four-pin Aura RGB strip header that allows the plugging of 12v RGB strips to further enhance its beautiful design. For overclocking, this motherboard won 12 global first places. It has handy buttons and switches for quick troubleshooting.

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The Best Gaming Hard Drive for You

It’s always hard to settle for just one option for the title of having the best standards. Personally, it’s best to always keep alternatives and choose the option, which suits you the most. With regard to gaming hard drives, you should focus on three important factors: reliability, loading speed, and capacity and preferably secondary essential factors such as warranty or performance level. Although reliability is a hard degree to measure, searching for the failure rates of the specific brand you desire will help you give an estimate of its reliability. Loading speed is measured in RPM while capacity comes in measures of GB or TB.

Finding the best gaming hard drive can be put much simpler by looking at the three top leading hard drive manufacturers in the market: Hitachi, Western Digital, and Seagate. To make things easier, this article will show what the best gaming hard drive would be at a certain capacity level since not everyone needs a 6TB or 8TB for gaming. Taking into consideration price levels and the three essential factors will help in choosing the best option and best alternative for your gaming hard drive.

For 1TB Capacity: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM010


  • With a price of $49.99, the Seagate 1TB is the best budget for hard drives under $60


  • Has great performance level of 7,200 RPM and 2 years warranty


Although 1 TB might be relatively a small storage space for gaming, it still marks as the best drive at this capacity level. Surely, you can’t go wrong with a hard drive of this performance and leading brand name at a price of $54.

For 2TB Capacity: Western Digital Caviar Black WD2003FZEX


  • It costs more than the Seagate and Hitachi hard drives at this capacity level.


  • Performs at 7,200 RPM and a warranty of 5 years compared to Seagate and Hitachi only giving you 2 years of warranty.


  • Costs $129


While it’s expected that any hard drive can last up to 4 or 5 years depending on how much of the drive you utilize at a regular basis or the level of gaming you play. At least at a higher price, you’re given a 5 year warranty and that’s more than enough to make you feel secure to know that you’ve got an extended period of time for a backup drive. However, if heavy gaming isn’t your impression of gaming performance, then the Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM006 2TB is perfect.


For 4TB Capacity: HGST 4TB 7200 RPM


  • Priced at $149


  • Hitachi hard drives offer the most reliability compared to Western Digital and Seagate


  • 3 years warranty


Although it’s more expensive than the Seagate hard drive priced at $149, the reliability of Hitachi hard drives gives it a competitive advantage and makes up for the 3 years warranty; however, the Seagate Barracuda 4TB offers lower power consumption and lower noise levels compared to Hitachi. Choosing between the two is matter of personal preference that factors more to you.

On a personal note, as the capacity levels extend to 6TB and 8TB, I would still prefer Hitachi hard drives over Seagate and Western Digital. This is because of their high reliability rate and it’s the top factor on my preference of hard drive usability. However it’s important to note that Seagate naturally offers great options at budget pricing and Western Digital offers a higher price for longer periods of warranty. Whichever pertains more to your preference will work the best for you.

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Must Have Gaming Hardware

The gaming world has soared so high in 2016 with gaming consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox taken to the next level. Pokemon Go makes use of augmented reality while the virtual reality space got several VR-capable devices. The year is still young but the gaming industry already gave a hint of what to expect. For the video game fanatics, here is our list:

Must Have Gaming Hardware in 2017:

Acer Predator Z301CT Monitor

best gaming monitor

Acer’s Predator Z301CT monitor drew many people’s attention during this year’s CES as it showed the future of gaming. It comes with a 2560 x 1080-pixel curved display that has a Tobii eye tracking for the gaming monitor to adjust the graphics intensity based on where the gamer is looking. To minimize input lag during gameplay, it integrates Nvidia’s new G-Sync technology.

GAEMS M155 Portable Monitor

For people on the go, the 15.5-inch HD GAEMS M155 portable screen can easily connect with consoles like Nintendo, PS and Xbox through a USB cable. It weighs less than two pounds, easy to carry and fits in a backpack. That means, there is no need to carry the bulky TV whenever one is away from home and wants to use a gaming console.

HTC Vive

Though Oculus Rift started the VR craze, the HTC Vive provides the better VR experience with intuitive controls and Valve software. The only thing is its expensive price tag of $800. Reviews said it has a less comfortable feel than the Rift and needs a high-end GPU.

Nvidia Shield Gaming Tablet K1

The Nvidia shield gaming tablet K1 showcases a cool gaming tablet with a Tegra K1 SoC, a Kepler GPU and a 2.2GHz quad-core processor. Its eight-inch screen has a 1080p screen resolution for high density graphics and high quality speakers.

PhoneJoy Bluetooth Controller

Any gamer can turn his or her Android smartphone into a gaming center with the PhoneJoy Bluetooth controller. The user has to fit the phone into the frame of the controller and connect them through Bluetooth. The controller comes with a D-pad, four shoulder and action buttons and two thumb analog sticks that are like PS gamepads.

Sony MDR7520 Headphones

The Sony headphones give an immersive experience with a super sound quality. As expected from the Japanese firm, the headphones come with next-level capabilities that a “Hitman” player can count his or her footsteps while on a mission.

Sony PS4 Pro Console

Sony’s most recent console is PS4 Pro, a must-have for Sony loyalists. It features a 1TB hard drive and can output HDR video and 4K that is not limited to video playback, all courtesy of its upgraded GPU.

Z Gaming Mouse

A fanatic gamer would not like to skip the most advanced gaming mouse, the Z gaming mouse which bagged two Awards at the 2015 CES for Innovation even prior to the completion of its final design. It features an accelerometer, a tactile feedback and a gyroscope as well as a force sensor that makes it possible to pivot, roll and tilt sans the keyboard. It allows the user to crouch, lean or reload even without pressing a key on the keyboard.

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Where to Get the Best Gaming Equipment Online

Every gamer, especially those planning to enter the competitive scene, should own top-notch equipment in order to have a great gaming experience. However, purchasing and assembling a good rig, along with the peripherals needed for it, can be tedious.

Sorting out the appropriate hardware can be tough. It takes a lot of time and effort to go around different gaming shops and ask the sales personnel about the specifications of a certain item you have your eye on. But with the recent year’s improvement in the internet infrastructure and the rise of e-commerce, shopping for the best gaming equipment is now just a matter of a few clicks.

If you are planning to purchase new gaming equipment and are a little short on time, check out these amazing online shops.

  1. Newegg

This online store is a favorite among gamers. They have a wide assortment of equipment – from PSUs to water-cooling solutions – and accessories, including gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming monitors, gaming controllers, gaming speakers, and virtual reality headsets.

Newegg’s UI (user interface) designed to be very-user friendly and with everything organized, customers wouldn’t have a hard time browsing through their products. With just a few clicks, you can see all the items available under a certain category along with their respective prices. Each product listing also comes with a detailed description, a features tab with clear pictures and a concise specs chart. Everything is provided for right in the product page and thus, you won’t have to open another window to research about the product.

The site also features a customer rating system that’s coupled with reviews, which is available to customers with verified purchases. And aside from credit and debit cards, Newegg also accepts PayPal payments. The only real caveat is that you won’t be able to send the order to an address that differs from your specified PayPal billing address.

You can access their website at


  1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce sites in the world. Almost everybody has tried using it at some point in their lives.

A multitude of vendors come together in Amazon to sell their products, which is why a lot of people prefer it over competing platforms. Most people have no problem finding the components and peripherals they need on Amazon; be it used, new or refurbished.

While not as organized as Newegg, it’s still evident that the portal is designed with the customer’s convenience in mind. Moreover, each product is provided with clear pictures and detailed descriptions, including the specifications and prices.

Furthermore, comparing one product to others similar to it is very easy, as Amazon automatically puts them side by side in a convenient table. The extensive Amazon Prime program, which grants subscribers free two-day shipping and unlimited movie and TV show streaming, among other perks, is also encouraging.

The website also features reviews written by customers who have experienced using the product first-hand. You can even comment on these reviews and talk to the reviewer about his experience. And get this, Amazon actually employs an AI to filter the reviews to find out which ones are credible and which ones are placed just to bring down the product’s rating.

You can access their website at


  1. GameStop

This e-commerce site only sells things for gamers, including game titles through downloadable content codes and discs alike, as well as equipment; from gaming mice and keyboards to gaming chairs.

It works in a similar way with Amazon and Newegg – customer rating and feedback. Even the storefront UI with its massive search bar and drop down menu holds some semblance with the above-mentioned retailers. But what sets GameStop apart is its focus on console systems and console titles.

Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U and 3DS, each has an entire section dedicated to them. While desktop systems are available, most of them are on the premium side of the spectrum and so are there prices. This is also true for its laptop offerings.

Hence, if you’re shopping for individual components and are looking to source each part of your planned rig individually, GameStop is not the place for you.

You can access their website at


  1. eBay

If you want to build a rig but you’re on a limited budget, eBay is your best friend. It’s quite the repository for used computer parts. However, it isn’t all bad. Would you like a 16-core Intel processor for less than a $100?

The Intel Xeon E5-2670 is available at eBay $70. And what does it matter if it’s used? These chips hardly breakdown even after years of use. Slap it on to a $180 Intel DX79TO motherboard, add a $40 16-GB RAM kit and a 128-GB SSD for $43, grab an AMD Radeon RX480 for $200 and put it all together in a used case with a $36 PSU. Voila, you’ve got a beast of a gaming rig, which will have no problem running the latest titles, for less than $600.

With eight cores, the setup will have no problems with multi-tasking and image and video rendering. In fact, it’ll perform better than mid-range Skylake systems in these tasks.

See? Told you it’s not all bad. If you know what you’re looking for and have the patience to go through everything listed on eBay, it’ll be worth it.

You can access their website at

One thing that makes shopping for gaming equipment online quite attractive is that e-commerce sites often have promos in which prices are discounted, half the usual price at times. Needless to say, if you see ads like this on the said websites, it would be good to take advantage of it as it will take 2-3 months before another one pops up.

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