Must Have Gaming Hardware

The gaming world has soared so high in 2016 with gaming consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox taken to the next level. Pokemon Go makes use of augmented reality while the virtual reality space got several VR-capable devices. The year is still young but the gaming industry already gave a hint of what to expect. For the video game fanatics, here is our list:

Must Have Gaming Hardware in 2017:

Acer Predator Z301CT Monitor

best gaming monitor

Acer’s Predator Z301CT monitor drew many people’s attention during this year’s CES as it showed the future of gaming. It comes with a 2560 x 1080-pixel curved display that has a Tobii eye tracking for the gaming monitor to adjust the graphics intensity based on where the gamer is looking. To minimize input lag during gameplay, it integrates Nvidia’s new G-Sync technology.

GAEMS M155 Portable Monitor

For people on the go, the 15.5-inch HD GAEMS M155 portable screen can easily connect with consoles like Nintendo, PS and Xbox through a USB cable. It weighs less than two pounds, easy to carry and fits in a backpack. That means, there is no need to carry the bulky TV whenever one is away from home and wants to use a gaming console.

HTC Vive

Though Oculus Rift started the VR craze, the HTC Vive provides the better VR experience with intuitive controls and Valve software. The only thing is its expensive price tag of $800. Reviews said it has a less comfortable feel than the Rift and needs a high-end GPU.

Nvidia Shield Gaming Tablet K1

The Nvidia shield gaming tablet K1 showcases a cool gaming tablet with a Tegra K1 SoC, a Kepler GPU and a 2.2GHz quad-core processor. Its eight-inch screen has a 1080p screen resolution for high density graphics and high quality speakers.

PhoneJoy Bluetooth Controller

Any gamer can turn his or her Android smartphone into a gaming center with the PhoneJoy Bluetooth controller. The user has to fit the phone into the frame of the controller and connect them through Bluetooth. The controller comes with a D-pad, four shoulder and action buttons and two thumb analog sticks that are like PS gamepads.

Sony MDR7520 Headphones

The Sony headphones give an immersive experience with a super sound quality. As expected from the Japanese firm, the headphones come with next-level capabilities that a “Hitman” player can count his or her footsteps while on a mission.

Sony PS4 Pro Console

Sony’s most recent console is PS4 Pro, a must-have for Sony loyalists. It features a 1TB hard drive and can output HDR video and 4K that is not limited to video playback, all courtesy of its upgraded GPU.

Z Gaming Mouse

A fanatic gamer would not like to skip the most advanced gaming mouse, the Z gaming mouse which bagged two Awards at the 2015 CES for Innovation even prior to the completion of its final design. It features an accelerometer, a tactile feedback and a gyroscope as well as a force sensor that makes it possible to pivot, roll and tilt sans the keyboard. It allows the user to crouch, lean or reload even without pressing a key on the keyboard.

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