Most Expensive Gaming Hardware

Gaming setups for the ultimate gaming experience can come at ridiculously high prices for each component from motherboards, to hard drives, graphic cards, processors, etc. You could easily find graphic cards as expensive as $2000 or monitors that cost $1,000 for the price and that would have already cost you $3000 for just two hardware upgrades on your PC. Back in 2013, Yoyotech developed their $13,000 PC with impressive water cooling gear and utilized six cores together with Hyper-Threading to develop the ultimate PC of that year. However, an even insane demo during the Computex trade show in Taiwan showed a $20,000 PC that utilized two fully functional CPU’s, 14 CPU cores, and three different types of liquid cooling systems all packed into one case to harvest all the data and gaming process you need. Impressive and immaculate are the only words to describe this beauty.

While PC’s and laptops such as Alienware offer ridiculously expensive price ranges, the gaming hardware beneath these systems are the reasons for their spectacular performance. Most importantly, the monitors, graphic cards, and processors are essential components into crafting outstanding picture qualities and displays including response times, refresh rates, video memory and so forth. In this article we focus on three most expensive gaming hardwares to leave you jaw dropping.

GTX Titan Z Graphics Card

It’s a beast by definition and the fastest that GeForce has ever created. With 12 GB of memory, dual GPU, and 7.0 Gbps memory speed, the GTX Titan Z drives power to a whole new level allowing you to couple it with incredible monitor displays and 4K hyper PC machines. It’s no wonder that this monster is priced at an insane $3,000 price for a sole graphics card. It shocked me at first but the specs of this monster are simply incredible.

Intel Core i7-6950X

A simple breakdown for this chip would have to be $1,763 and that’s just about as good as it gets. Apart from its 10 cores and 25 MB L3 Cache, you could compare this to its similar “brother”: Intel Core i7-5960X and expect to see the only difference between the two is that the i7-6950X has two extra CPU cores and an additional 5 MB L3 cache. With a price substantially high, it’s definitely a go-getter if you have the means of purchasing one.

Dell Ultrasharp 27 inch 5K Monitor

The greatest part to the Dell Ultrasharp monitor is the megapixel experience that completely stands out even compared to the 4K monitors. Majority of its other features concern the physical dimensions such as its curved design, USB ports, and so forth. In addition, you’ll need a rough number of 3 GPU’s to really experience the gaming to a whole new level. While an increased number of pixels may be controversial for some, it also depends on how much of the screen you really want to see. Did I fail to mention the price for the Dell Ultrasharp is $1,743?

Combining the three gaming hardware components alone with a considerable number of great items would yield a perfect gaming setup. And that’s also because of the substantial price you pay for each hardware component. However, although the three items listed above may come as the most expensive gaming hardware in their respective category, they’re also beauties of their own standard as well. Ranking as the most expensive gaming hardware is a class not easily outmatched not just in price but also in quality.

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