The Best Gaming Hard Drive for You

It’s always hard to settle for just one option for the title of having the best standards. Personally, it’s best to always keep alternatives and choose the option, which suits you the most. With regard to gaming hard drives, you should focus on three important factors: reliability, loading speed, and capacity and preferably secondary essential factors such as warranty or performance level. Although reliability is a hard degree to measure, searching for the failure rates of the specific brand you desire will help you give an estimate of its reliability. Loading speed is measured in RPM while capacity comes in measures of GB or TB.

Finding the best gaming hard drive can be put much simpler by looking at the three top leading hard drive manufacturers in the market: Hitachi, Western Digital, and Seagate. To make things easier, this article will show what the best gaming hard drive would be at a certain capacity level since not everyone needs a 6TB or 8TB for gaming. Taking into consideration price levels and the three essential factors will help in choosing the best option and best alternative for your gaming hard drive.

For 1TB Capacity: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM010


  • With a price of $49.99, the Seagate 1TB is the best budget for hard drives under $60


  • Has great performance level of 7,200 RPM and 2 years warranty


Although 1 TB might be relatively a small storage space for gaming, it still marks as the best drive at this capacity level. Surely, you can’t go wrong with a hard drive of this performance and leading brand name at a price of $54.

For 2TB Capacity: Western Digital Caviar Black WD2003FZEX


  • It costs more than the Seagate and Hitachi hard drives at this capacity level.


  • Performs at 7,200 RPM and a warranty of 5 years compared to Seagate and Hitachi only giving you 2 years of warranty.


  • Costs $129


While it’s expected that any hard drive can last up to 4 or 5 years depending on how much of the drive you utilize at a regular basis or the level of gaming you play. At least at a higher price, you’re given a 5 year warranty and that’s more than enough to make you feel secure to know that you’ve got an extended period of time for a backup drive. However, if heavy gaming isn’t your impression of gaming performance, then the Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM006 2TB is perfect.


For 4TB Capacity: HGST 4TB 7200 RPM


  • Priced at $149


  • Hitachi hard drives offer the most reliability compared to Western Digital and Seagate


  • 3 years warranty


Although it’s more expensive than the Seagate hard drive priced at $149, the reliability of Hitachi hard drives gives it a competitive advantage and makes up for the 3 years warranty; however, the Seagate Barracuda 4TB offers lower power consumption and lower noise levels compared to Hitachi. Choosing between the two is matter of personal preference that factors more to you.

On a personal note, as the capacity levels extend to 6TB and 8TB, I would still prefer Hitachi hard drives over Seagate and Western Digital. This is because of their high reliability rate and it’s the top factor on my preference of hard drive usability. However it’s important to note that Seagate naturally offers great options at budget pricing and Western Digital offers a higher price for longer periods of warranty. Whichever pertains more to your preference will work the best for you.

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